Déméter — gold black

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Other Variants:

Déméter — Bicolor rosegold silber StahlDéméter — gold black steelDéméter — gold silver leatherDéméter — bicolor black steelDéméter — rosegold rose steelDéméter — rosegold black steelDéméter — steel silverDéméter — steel blackDéméter — green steelDéméter — gold black leatherDéméter — blue steelDéméter — leather blackDéméter — rosegold silver leatherDéméter — leather blueDéméter — leather greenDéméter — gold silver steelDéméter — bicolor rosegold silver steelDéméter — bicolor silver steel

With the Déméter on the wrist, it is more than unlikely to lose track of time. This perfectly balanced watch featuring a zirconia stubbed bezel and diamonds on its dial practically demands attention. And the elegant case with its clear lines offers the perfect stage for this impressive performance.

Model number AB-8210E
Type Automatic watch
Weight -0.31kg
Diameter 34mm
Case depth 11mm
Strap width 18mm
Bracelet length 21cm
Extra function Glass base
Calender function Date
Glass Sapphire crystal
Case material Stainless steel gilded
Bracelet material Leather
Bracelet colour black
Bracelet clasp Simple buckle

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