Le Capitaine — silver

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Other Variants:

Le Capitaine — gold blackLe Capitaine — white IILe Capitaine — rosegold IILe Capitaine — grey black IILe Capitaine  — black IILe Capitaine — gold onyx leather IILe Capitaine — rosegold/steel white IILe Capitaine — black leather IILe Capitaine — rosegold black IILe Capitaine — gold/steel white IILe Capitaine — gold smaragdLe Capitaine — grey IILe Capitaine — gold black IILe Capitaine — silver leather IILe Capitaine — rosegold/steel black IILe Capitaine — gold silver leather IILe Capitaine — gold black leather IILe Capitaine — gold silver IILe Capitaine — silver IILe Capitaine — rosegold bronze leather IILe Capitaine — rosegoldLe Capitaine — greyLe Capitaine — blackLe Capitaine — grey blackLe Capitaine — gold onyx leatherLe Capitaine — brownLe Capitaine — rosegold blackLe Capitaine — whiteLe Capitaine — gold silver leatherLe Capitaine — gold silverLe Capitaine — onyxLe Capitaine — gold/steel whiteLe Capitaine — gold/steel blueLe Capitaine — rosegold/steel whiteLe Capitaine — black leatherLe Capitaine — gold black leatherLe Capitaine — gold/steel white leatherLe Capitaine — IP blackLe Capitaine — gold steel blackLe Capitaine — rosegold/steel blackLe Capitaine — blueLe Capitaine — rosegold bronze leatherLe Capitaine — gold emeraldLe Capitaine — silver leather

The Le Capitaine is beautifully impressive and impressively beautiful. Although the dial is packed with a variety of different displays and subdials, it appears extrordinarily tidy, providing a nice balance to the large bezel with its engraved tachymeter scale. The Le Capitaine is available in a striking selection of different colours.

Model number AB-8110X
Type Automatic watch
Weight 0.158kg
Diameter 38mm
Case depth 14mm
Strap width 20mm
Bracelet length 21cm
Werk Propulsion,Automatic Movement,ETK 811
Extra function Glass base
Calender function Day, date and month
Glass Sapphire crystal
Case material Stainless steel
Bracelet material Stainless Steel
Bracelet colour silver
Bracelet clasp Fold-over clasp

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