mathieu legrand

At home in Zug: Origin and connection

The home of Mathieu Legrand is situated in the heart of Central Switzerland, in the historic city of Zug. This is where the brand is rooted and where its story begins. The landmark of the city of Zug is the historic "Zytturm", built in the 13th century. Since 1574, the astronomical clock here not only shows the hours and minutes but also indicates the position of the sun, phases of the moon, month, quarter, zodiac signs, and even leap years. Mathieu Legrand combines the excellence of Swiss watchmaking with the history of the city of Zug.

The story of Mathieu Legrand

In the picturesque Spanish village of Villalobar, at the beginning of the last century, lived Mateo, the great-grandfather of our CEO. For her, Mateo, like her father and grandfather, is a source of inspiration. His unwavering faith and principle of never giving up reflected his perseverance and determination. His appreciation for heritage and homeland lives on in our brand Mathieu Legrand.

Swiss Made: Quality from Zug

Every Mathieu Legrand watch proudly bears the Swiss Made label, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Mathieu Legrand: Are you aware of your time?

We invite you to consciously experience your time and become part of this inspiring story. Feel the essence of Zug on your wrist with one of our watches.

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